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Get a quick analysis of organ status: balanced, stressed, and weakened.

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We accept funds from your FSA and HSA account.

Returning Patients

BioEnergetic Works, LLC  Pre-Visit instructions.  Bring the actual bottle with medication in it.  DO NOT bring me a list of medications. This can be prescriptions, creams, inhalers, vitamins, otcs, nutritional powders, etc.   We will test it to see if it is your BioEnergetic Match.


  1. Bring anything you are considering taking in the next 30 days.  We will test it to see if it is your BioEnergetic Match
  2. Stay hydrated especially starting day before the testing.
  3. No lotions on feet or hands
  4. No perfumes on your body
  5. No deodorant / antiperspirant on your body
  6. Yes you can eat day of testing.  Try to eat no later than an hour before test.
  7. Yes you are invited to bring a guest or  your support system with you.
  8. BRING YOUR WATER.  I WILL TEST IT FOR PH LEVEL and PURITY.  Bring at least 4-8 ounces.  Bottled or tap/filtered water.
  9. Bring the liquid you drink the most of.  I realize water may not fall into this category for some.
  10. Bring your bath gel, shampoo, toothpaste, deodorant etc.
  11. Bring your cellphone, laptop  and any electronic (wrist) smart devices. I will measure the EMF safety of your device.
  12. Bring your dishwasher and clothes detergent/fabric softener
  13. If you have pets, bring their bathing materials, tick and flea shampoos, meds or collars.
  14. Bring in plug ins,  spray or air fresheners and perfumes
  15. Microwave is not on your team.  Microwaving always destroys the enzymes and vitamins in the food. You are consuming calories but no nutrition.
  16. Bring your toilet paper since it touches your body on a daily basis.
  17. Bring in your makeup
  18. Bring in your cleaning supplies
  19. Bring in the top 5 foods you eat
  20. If your significant other wears perfumes or colognes, please bring for testing
  21. Bring your cooking oils

Venus Specialty Pharmacy
800 Riverwood Ct Suite 104
Conroe, TX 77304
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800 Riverwood Court

Suite #104

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