Is your cell phone hurting you? Get it tested

By Joe Southern

The Fort Bend Business Journal

Is your cell phone physically harming you each time it rings? 

Is your microwave cooking more than your leftovers?

These and other electronic devices of modern convenience may be bathing your body in dangerous levels of electromagnetic frequency (EMF) waves.EMF occurs naturally in the environment and is at such low levels it is harmless to humans.

According to Dr. Ferryl McClain, a bioenergetic pharmacist at Haeckerville Pharmacy near Sienna Parkway and Highway 6, EMF is amplified to potentially dangerous levels in many of the modern electronic gadgets used by people every day.

“Anything over four milligauss affects human cells negatively,” she said.

EMF affects people differently. Some have a high sensitivity to it and it causes health problems and others suffer little to no affect at all. EMF testing, however, is just one part of the service McClain provides. As a practitioner of bioenergetics, McClain is able to test patients and many of the health care products they use to determine their effectiveness.

“The patient is asked to bring all vitamins and supplements taken in the last 30 days and even their showering soap so we can see what is truly helping and what is not,” McClain said.

With the use of her BioScan machine, McClain can detect ailments and proper function of organs in the body. The same machine scans medications, vitamins, and such to make sure they are helping and not causing more harm. 

“I’m finding that 80 to 90 percent of the vitamins patients are taking are actually hurting them versus healing them,” she said.

Bioenergetics is a holistic system that combines Eastern and Western medicine to help heal the entire body and prevent disease.

“Bioenergetics is more than just matching the correct medication to the patient, it’s making sure the things you come into daily contact with are safe and helpful to the patient as well,” McClain said.

She can also test drinking water to make sure it is safe.

“Water is tested with both a water purity meter and a visual water electrolysis demonstration that actually separates the solids from the liquid,” she said. “It’s no secret we are drinking recycled sewer water mixed in with fresh water sources.”

Some cell phones can push into the teens or even near 100. Not all phones emit high EMF levels, so McClain encourages testing.

“First time patients now get their cell phones tested to verify they are within safe EMF guidelines,” she said.

When a patient undergoes a  bioenergetic test, they are given a score of their health.

“The goal is for 70 to 75 percent of the organs to be in green (healthy levels). Bioenergetics is a process we work through together and the patient can choose how aggressively they want to work for that goal and have a scientific tool to measure that improvement,” McClain said.