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The Magic Touch




If you want to know what’s going on inside your body, just let Dr. Ferryl McClain touch your fingers and toes with her magic wand.

Actually, the probe she uses is neither magic nor a wand but it might as well be given the detailed and highly accurate assessment of the body her BioScan machine produces with just a simple touch. The technology is a blend of Eastern and Western medicine that has been around for decades but largely ignored in American medicine. McClain, a pharmacist in Missouri City, wants to change that.

“The science has been around for about 30 years. It started in Europe,” she said, noting that it is commonly used in South America, the Far East, and Canada but is almost unheard of in this country.

“In America it’s like a totally new concept,” she said. “I feel like it’s more accurate than a typical blood test.”

Her bioenergetic office is located inside Haeckerville Pharmacy near Sienna Parkway and Highway 6. There she uses her BioScan machine, which measures the body’s energy levels through acupressure point readings. The process involves having a connector placed on the patient’s chest while the patient holds a brass rod in one hand. McClain uses a probe to touch each acupressure point on the patient’s fingers and toes. The computer analyzes the data and produces a very detailed report.

The report reveals physical and emotional stressors and any imbalances in organs, glands, and other body systems. It also scans medications and pairs them specifically with any detected condition.

“It tells you not just the right drug, but the right dosage,” she said.

She said having an accurate report and pairing it with the correct medication, whether they’re prescription, over the counter (OTC), or natural vitamins and supplements, can save a patient time and money.

“Taking the wrong drug period, including herbal and OTC, can actually set you back physically and financially,” she said.

Since only a medical physician can diagnose and treat a medical condition, she can assist with referrals.

“I am basically a concierge pharmacist and will not only figure out what the correct prescription drug protocol is for them but also contact all the necessary providers,” she said. “I will examine all the natural health options out there and match them to what they actually need which will save money and increase vitality of life.”

Vernishia Glenn of Houston first went to McClain about two years ago to be evaluated for medical issues she was having.

“The report coincided with my medical

 It also revealed something ominous. “She said I had parasites,” Glenn said.

McClain was able to pair a medication to combat the problem.

“She told me things that were working within me that the doctors were not picking up,” Glenn said.

Not only did McClain discover the parasites, she successfully reversed the situation.

“After a month the parasites were gone,” she said.

There were other issues that Glenn’s bioenergetic scan revealed and she has been working with McClain to remedy each condition.

“It’s awesome technology and I’m glad to have been introduced to it,” she said.

McClain was introduced to bioenergetics 18 years ago when she developed panic attacks during a pregnancy while living in Tennessee. As a second-generation pharmacist, she became intrigued by the technology and is now one of its biggest ambassadors and expert in the science. She purchased her machine 18 years ago and has successfully used it on herself, family members, and numerous clients. She said it has an incredibly high rate of accuracy.

That’s why it baffles her why more doctors and other allied healthcare professionals are not using it.

“My dream is that pharmacists will take ownership of bioenergetic screening since it can ensure successful medication outcomes,” she said. “Also, we can use this technology to triage patients to get them into either preventative care mode or refer them to an immediate medical physician

care mode if they have a health issue they are unaware of.”

Over the years McClain has helped people discover conditions they knew nothing about. One of those people is Mike Aldrete, a pharmacy owner in the Houston area.

“The machine kept saying there was something about my left arm,” he said. “It came up as probable skin cancer on my left arm.1! thought it was crazy. Look at me, I’m fine.”

Then he remembered having a blister on his left elbow that wouldn’t heal.

“She advised me to see a dermatologist. It was developing into skin cancer, | believe” Aldrete said.

With a zinc salve matched to his condition by the computer, he was able to heal the condition.

“It’s gone now and it never came back,” he said.

It also detected a problem with his blood pressure, which he is now treating.

“The machine is a miracle. More people need to know about this machine,” he said.

He said it changed his life. “Imagine seeing a lot of specialists all at one time,” he said.

Bioenergetics combines the ancient Chinese methods of acupuncture with biofeedback technology. McClain said each part of the body emits electrical energy, which the machine detects. It detects imbalances and stressors in organs, glands, and other systems of the body and can tell if issues are new and developing or if they’ve been a problem for years.

“The best time to make changes about your health is when you’re feeling good and healthy,” she said.

The BioScan, she said, is a great tool for catching health problems before they manifest themselves physically.

The report she gets back is color- coded, indicating the health of the organ or system tested. Green is healthy, yellow is stressed, red is weakened and black is critical.

“People get their results a lot faster than a blood test and it gets to the root of the problem,” McClain said. “The data is instant.”

She said most BioScan machines in use in the country are used by chiropractors, acupuncturists, and naturopaths, but in a capacity limited to the work they do.

McClain offers different packages ranging from $111 to $777. People who want a simple evaluation of their health can get the $111 scan, and if they want to upgrade to find a solution the cost is another $111. The most popular package is MSA Level 2 — Team Defense, which scans the body and determines which drugs work best. The cost is $222.

Because it’s not mainstream medical technology, insurance companies do not cover the cost up front yet, however, some may reimburse the expense. McClain said if the patient has a pre-tax medical card, such as a Flex Card, they could use that to pay for the service because she is a pharmacist.

“Bioenergetics saves money and mental stress in navigating all the prescription and OTC options out there and protection from things we may be doing to ourselves that we are not aware of”, she said.

In most cases, ailments McClain discovers are many times caused by mismatched daily usage of OTC drugs, vitamins and herbs. The BioScan detects which are the correct daily vitamins and herbal supplements. She noted however, that not all products are equal.

“I will use the BioScan to match you with the right product, which could easily save up to $1,500 yearly in avoiding products that don’t work and implementing products that do work,” she said.

While visiting McClain at Haeckerville Pharmacy, visitors can enjoy an old- fashioned soda fountain, shop for gifts, and find a wide variety of healthcare products for sale, including the drugs,vitamins, and supplements recommended through the BioScan. Owned by Waylon Haecker, the pharmacy has a warm, inviting atmosphere and offers curbside service.

“Our state-of-the-art technology can help unearth health issues and save you tons on medical and prescription costs in the first assessment. We work with your doctors to identify and prevent a variety of health problems.”

~ Dr. Ferryl McClain